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The Ravenna Team

September 17, 2020

    Automation is everywhere. From our phones to our coffee pots, you can set reminders, follow ups, and alarms to ensure you are using your time as efficiently as possible. But for a long time, school processes have lagged behind when it comes to smart automation. 

    At Ravenna, we work with hundreds of private and independent schools and have learned where admission offices need the most help and where our schools are spending needless hours on time-consuming manual processes. That’s why we are extremely excited to announce the launch of Ravenna Workflows, a brand new feature built into our admission platform that offers unmatched automation functionality 

    By building Workflows directly into our admission platform, Ravenna ADMIT, we’re able to use the rich data that schools collect on each of their applicants to automate an almost unlimited number of admission processes. Schools can use Workflows to set up targeted and automated email drip campaigns that walk families through the admission process on their own timeline, or that drive applicants to register for a specific admission event. But that’s just the beginning. Schools can also automatically flag individual applicants for follow-up or assign applicant files to particular readers based on how applicants answer specific questions in a school’s application forms. And Ravenna’s custom segment tags allow schools to create automated workflows that segment their applicants into targeted groups in almost any way a school can imagine, from application type, to region to interest. The functionality of Ravenna Workflows is only limited by a user’s imagination. Want to learn more about how automation and workflows can help your admission office? Watch the video.

    Each and every workflow a school sets into motion will save an admission office hours of time that they can then devote to more important tasks like connecting with applicants and families. 

    We are so excited to launch this new Workflows functionality, and we will continue to build upon for years to come. Our initial launch feature list includes:  

    • Email workflows 
    • Segment tag workflows 
    • Reader assignment workflows 
    • Applicant flag workflows 
    • Service packages so that our Ravenna team can build your workflows for you 

    Bottom line, Ravenna Workflows will allow you do to more with less. You’ll better engage prospective applicants and families and increase your conversions by letting automation do the work for you. Want to learn more about how you can start creating workflows at your school? Talk with a Ravenna rep today and add this feature to your current ADMIT package! 

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