The software you use for your admission process not only affects the experience of your applying families once they have decided to engage with your school—it can also affect whether they decide to engage.

You already know the importance of marketing and meeting families where they are; you attend fairs, advertise in local publications, and create a compelling website with great SEO so that your school rises to the top when families are searching for independent and private schools in your area. But do you know how many of the families you’re working so hard to attract are already looking for and applying to schools using Ravenna?

We hit an exciting milestone at Ravenna this year with over 100,000 students submitting applications through our HUB platform. Because of our collaborative approach, that means that 100,000 potential applicants and their families were scrolling through the HUB School Directory looking for potential school matches. Getting your school into the directory puts you on a list that over 100,000 applicants are already reviewing, allowing you to find applicants where they are and, most importantly, at a time when they are actively making connections with schools.

The Ravenna community is growing quickly, and this 100,000 applicant milestone clearly shows where so many families are going to apply to independent and private schools. If you’re interested in joining our community and meeting those families where they already are, please reach out to us at