Crafting a Better Admissions and Nurture Funnel with Finalsite and Ravenna


Brandon Stec

October 16, 2019

    It’s no secret: The admission process can be a challenge when setting out to keep track of inquiries, new applications, and re-enrollments. But before that ever happens, schools need to effectively communicate and market to prospective families to get them interested in applying.

    This is exactly why we are so excited to talk a little bit about Ravenna’s LIVE integration with Finalsite! Our two powerful solutions are now integrated to streamline and maximize efficiencies in the admissions office to increase applications, communications and enrollment. This partnership enables you to market smarter and improve meaningful email engagement with families, ultimately leading to better connections and a greater likelihood of converting them into applicants.

    Let’s dive deeper into how this integration works.

    Crafting a Better Admissions and Nurture Funnel with Finalsite and Ravenna 

    Finalsite and Ravenna work hand-in-hand to elevate your admissions funnel through inbound marketing tools and strategies that engage and nurture a prospective family – from their initial visit to your website to the student’s first day at your school, and beyond.

    Finalsite’s suite of communication modules and software allows admission offices with Ravenna to leverage their powerful marketing and operational toolset to automate and empower your entire admission process.

    The admission funnel begins by attracting new families to your school website, blog, social media, or other forms of content marketing they find while searching the web for schools like yours.

    Once on your website, visitors may then move forward to inquire and apply to your school, all the while tracking their progress in Ravenna throughout the entire admissions funnel.

    As soon as the application process begins, Ravenna saves your admission office valuable time through high-volume scanned document processing, online file review and decisions, and electronic contract and deposit collection. Ravenna’s fully online process ramps up efficiency by replacing manual admission tasks with quicker automated processes, freeing your team to better spend their time engaging with new families.

    Ravenna’s configurable tools allow your school to retain its own processes, use your own questions and forms, create events, and more to fit your school’s unique needs. All of which offers your families a highly personalized and customized admission experience proven to increase applications.

    After the application is submitted, a Ravenna admin can import that user’s profile data into Finalsite’s Constituent Manager and Group Manager to engage them with Finalsite’s suite of communication modules and inbound marketing software.

    Use Finalsite’s Messages module to easily craft custom, personalized automated email campaigns with tailored subject lines to capture recipient attention and engage and nurture them along the admission funnel. Better yet, divergent workflows paths can be created based on users who have and have not opened emails or clicked on links within emails. Users who regularly engage with the workflow can be taken down one path to keep receiving emails, while others can be dropped from the workflow on a path that leads to a dead end

    Automating the process sending out of hundreds of emails not only saves you a lot of time, but it also prevents families from being flooded with an overwhelming amount of information all at once. You’ll effectively send families the right content at just the right time.

    Continue to use inbound marketing tools to nurture and engage those who have joined your school community to maximize re-enrollment. These tools work just as well for engaging with current constituents as it does with reaching out to prospective families.

    You want your new school community members to regularly engage with your emails, blog, website, and social media so they see your school as a valued resource and community asset they won’t want to lose. Echo all the wonderful events and accomplishments of the past year to remind them that your school is the best fit for their child or children

    Key Takeaway 

    Ravenna and Finalsite’s integration provides schools with a full suite of admission critical tools to enroll right-fit families. Our partnership delivers an entirely online and vastly streamlined admissions process to save your school time, freeing your admissions team to focus on connecting with prospective applicants in meaningful ways and nurturing them through a more efficient funnel.

    Finalsite’s inbound marketing tools, including Workflows and Messages, provide a better way to engage and nurture these applicants to overcome common enrollment barriers and ultimately increase applications to meet your school’s admission goals.

    Download the Finalsite and Ravenna admissions webinar!

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