Linda Haitani, CEO of Ravenna Solutions and Alisa Evans, Director, Business Development at SSS by NAIS, join forces to present a three-part webinar series meant to help enrollment and financial aid professionals elevate their data reporting skills. Both self-professed data geeks, Linda and Alisa will share their favorite features of Excel using admission and financial aid examples.

Part 1: Creating a Financial Sustainability Dashboard. In this session we will show participants who have basic Excel skills why it is a strategic tool for enrollment and financial aid professionals. Financial sustainability is the number one concern of all schools. We will walk through the creation of a simple dashboard that helps you report on your school’s current year net tuition revenue (NTR) as well as use financial aid planning data to look at NTR projections. At the end of this session, you will be able to set up a dashboard that includes auto-sums, variable controls, and trend charts that will wow your board!



Example 1: Financial Aid  (start time 02:10)

How to use the current year FA data to make projections for next year

  • Tips and techniques to help you manage tables
  • Introduction to functions such as IFs

Example 2: Enrollment Management Dashboard (start time 25:21)

How to track which students are returning and auto-calculate total tuition, FA and NTR

  • How to combine data from two separate worksheets


To receive the spreadsheet containing the examples used in this webinar, email us at

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