Finalsite and Ravenna Solutions announced a broad partnership today to provide premier products and services to the market to attract and retain families at independent schools.

The partnership includes plans to tightly connect the two platforms together so that inquiry and application data can be accessed and used within both the Ravenna and Finalsite platforms. This means significant time savings for admissions and communications offices, as well as a better experience for families.

Jonathan Moser, Finalsite’s founder and CEO, said, “Our two companies have known about each other for a long time, and it only seemed natural that we bring our technology and platforms more closely together to make it easier for schools—this means admissions and communications professionals can now spend more time engaging with school families and less time behind the scenes. More importantly, we know that millennial families are savvy shoppers who expect the highest level of service online.”

Ravenna’s well-adopted online application and enrollment management solution, used by more than 300 schools, combined with Finalsite’s email and inbound marketing tools and website platform used by nearly 900 independent schools, provides a full suite of critical tools to enroll right-fit families.

Linda Haitani, co-founder of Ravenna and VP of Product Strategy at Community Brands said, “At Ravenna, we have always been focused on helping schools fill their seats with mission-appropriate students. Finalsite’s sophisticated communication capabilities elevate our schools’ ability to actively attract and engage potential applicant families. We’re excited to combine these two powerful solutions.”

As Ravenna invests time and resources into this partnership, they will continue to focus on creating innovative products and growing their customer success team to provide high-touch support and outstanding services.

We will host two upcoming webinars where you can learn more about how this partnership will benefit schools, what opportunities there may be for your school, and see a high-level overview of what each company provides. A question and answer discussion will be included.

The first webinar will be held for Ravenna clients on May 2.
Ryan Bowse, Vice President at Ravenna Solutions and Jon Moser will share more about how the Finalsite and Ravenna partnership will simplify your school’s admissions and make the process more enjoyable for prospective families and your admissions team.


There will be a webinar for Finalsite clients on May 8
with Jon Moser and Finalsite’s Director of Product Lauren Barth during which we’ll explore Finalsite’s new inbound tools and how they work with Ravenna to streamline the admissions workflow and better engage prospective families.


Ravenna users are invited to join Finalsite’s annual user conference, FinalsiteU,
June 19-21 in Leesburg, Virginia, to learn more about Ravenna’s product roadmap, give insight into new products and services, explore the Finalsite and Ravenna partnership, and more.

Sessions will include: The Power of Data! Learn How to Use Prospect and Admission Data to Create Highly Engaging Prospect Journeys, Expanding the Enrollment Funnel: Marketing and Communication Strategies to Enhance the Prospect Pool and more!


Interested in learning more about the partnership? Contact us and let’s talk about how Finalsite and Ravenna can work to simplify inbound marketing, enrollment, and more.