Manage Financial Aid and Admissions in 2022

Nettie Reynolds

December 21, 2021

    It’s almost school break time and we wanted to give you some of our best tips and resources to help your schools grow and thrive in 2022! While there are challenges ahead, our work is dedicated to helping your schools thrive. 

    Did you know during the 2020-2021 school year, 62% of schools saw an increase in financial aid applications?  With the limited staff that is already overloaded, the extra work is taxing. 

    The school enrollment process often involves your admissions office, business office, administrators, IT department, and others. It is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Is your team focused on reducing time and manual tasks associated with enrollment?   

    How to Have Success in 2022

    Refresh Your School’s Enrollment Management

    Find out the benefits to your admissions yield and overall school management if your enrollment was streamlined and family first in this valuable guide.

    Ask The Right Questions When Choosing A Tuition Management System

    Are you contemplating a tuition management system and need key questions to ask to ensure you’re getting the best system? Check out our insight on what you need to make sure to ask any vendor.

    Simplify Your Admissions Process

    One thing that most schools have in common is the balance between managing paperwork and families. Families come first and simplifying your admission process can give you more time with family while reducing your paperwork! With Ravenna ADMIT, Brooklyn Friends found a comprehensive system that handled all aspects of the admission process –including inquiries, online admissions, and collaborative review. You can read their success story here – Brooklyn Friends School and learn the positive impacts of their shift! 

    Offer Payment Plan Options

    In 2022, parents will continue to want different ways to pay tuition. This informative post cites the many advantages to offering various payment plan options at your school.   

    Giving families the ability to quickly sign up for tuition plans, review payment reports, and update payment details without having to contact the school can also help your revenue base with assured timely payments– all self-service without having to contact the school. 

    Keep Up With Digital Trends

    Here’s superb insight on the growing digital trends in private schools. 

    We’re wishing you a restful and happy school break. We’re here for you and your school’s success. We know 2022 will bring new successes and new challenges and our commitment to you is to help your school automate, transform, and expand your reach. 

    Want to see Ravenna in action? Check out our webinar!

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