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How Technology Can Help Improve Family Experience

September 21, 2021 | read
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Ravenna knows the importance of simplifying processes without taking away from the ability to give families a quality experience. As the industry’s premier admission solution for K-12 independent schools, we recognize the importance of technology in school administration, and we want to help you make the most of it!

We realize that a collaborative, cooperative, and creative approach to the admissions process lets you focus on what matters — creating a welcoming atmosphere for prospective students and their families. Using technology to do so can help you gain a competitive edge.

The Importance of Technology in School Administration

Technology impacts business operations by making communication better, interview schedules easier, and contactless payments simpler. With solutions from Ravenna, you can improve your day-to-day operations and increase your year-to-year admissions.

1. Streamline Processes With Automation Systems

Answering ringing phones and processing paperwork manually can slow down the admissions process. Automation helps you adjust to the ebb and flow of applicants to meet enrollment goals. You can retain qualified students and reach out to new students instead of getting bogged down in other responsibilities.

2. Map out Interview Management

Our updated dashboard lets you take control of interview management. If interviewers have to focus on organizing their assigned tasks, managing their schedules, and sharing their talking points, families can feel disconnected during the process. To address this issue, your school can use interview management systems to stay organizaed and keep everything on track.

3. Utilize Real-Time Data Trends

During uncertain times and changing markets, data and analytics reporting services let you make informed decisions and continuous improvements. You can follow trends and face challenges using real-time reports. Our systems allow you to access your school’s data from year to year and compare it to local trends and regional analyses.

4. Implement Contactless Payments

Flexible, automated online payments make it easy for families to make payments on time. To go one step further, Ravenna TUITION allows you to sort contactless payment details by categories such as the date or the amount paid. This solution enables you to avoid human errors arising from manual corrections.

5. Customize Tuition Plans

Families can relax knowing they have the option to make payments in full or in affordable installments, depending on what works for them. Plus, you can easily inform them of account changes such as declined payments, installment reminders, or other necessary variations from family to family.

6. Improve Communication Methods

Families appreciate being heard as much as your school values making connections. They might need to enroll multiple children, familiarize themselves with the payment process or ask a specific question. You can empower your admissions team to take on these requests and encourage families to reach out at any time.

Contact Ravenna for Ways to Improve the Family Experience

At Ravenna Solutions, we provide technology that takes the stress off of school administration and business offices so you can offer better family experiences for your K-12 education programs. If you need more information before you get started, feel free to check out our blog or take a look at our resources. If you’re looking to make more meaningful connections with families today, please request a demo and one of our team members will contact you.

Nina Bernardi

Nina Bernardi

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