Raising the Bar is a three-part webcast series where you can listen to conversations with admission officers from across the nation as they discuss important topics. Host Jess Creach, customer advancement manager at Ravenna Solutions, conducts a series of interviews with enrollment professionals who have succeeded in elevating specific aspects of the admission process. Hear their experiences and stories and learn some best-practice techniques that will allow you to create a stronger, more effective admission process at your own school.

Part 1: Highlighting Your School’s Uniqueness Through Your Admission Process  
with Claire Ledwith, Co-director of Admission, The Girls’ Middle School and
Lisa Lau Aquino, Director of Admission, The Hamlin School

Listen here:

In this episode:

  • Hear how each of these schools uses every aspect of their application process to convey a consistent message
  • Learn how The Girls’ Middle School thinks through the family experience from start to finish to allow families to learn about and apply to the school in two languages
  • Hear how The Hamlin School uses all students as tour guides, playing a key role in communicating their message
  • And finally, listen to how both schools focus on who they are, allowing students and families to make their own comparisons and conclusions

Other episodes in this series:

Part 2: Elevating the Committee Process

Part 3: When 1 + 1 = 3, The Synergies Created When Schools Work Together