Raising the Bar is a three-part webcast series where you can listen to conversations with admission officers from across the nation as they discuss important topics. Host Jess Creach, customer advancement manager at Ravenna Solutions, conducts a series of interviews with enrollment professionals who have succeeded in elevating specific aspects of the admission process. Hear their experiences and stories and learn some best-practice techniques that will allow you to create a stronger, more effective admission process at your own school.

When 1 + 1 = 3 – The Synergies Created When Schools Work Together
Interview with Marjorie Mitchell, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services, The Westminster Schools and Janie Coleman Beck, Director of Admission, The Lovett School

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In this episode, hear how:

  • Schools in a competitive market were helped—not harmed—by collaborating
  • Strong and positive working relationships allowed for an easier transition to a shared application
  • These Atlanta-area schools ensured that shared elements of the application met the needs of all schools
  • Moving the admission process online transformed their offices—sometimes literally—and better served applying families across the Atlanta area
  • A small group of committed people working toward a common goal can make a massive impact

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