Today’s successful admission directors must utilize data to derive insights that give their schools a competitive edge. Ravenna provides industry-leading admission data analytics for PS-12 schools and helps admission directors answer their most challenging questions:

  • Am I going to meet my enrollment goals? Do I have enough applicants? Are my marketing efforts focused in the right places?
  • How is my school doing compared to peer schools? What admission patterns are occurring regionally that might affect my enrollment efforts?
  • What can I learn from my past admission seasons (patterns, opportunities) that will allow me to improve processes for next year?

Ravenna is the only admission solution that produces admission data in real time, enables easy historical comparison, and allows comparison to regional and national data. As a result, Ravenna schools have an unprecedented advantage in both strategic and tactical decision-making.  Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Managing to ensure you have enough applicants for each grade

Ravenna will show schools  how applicant numbers are trending regionally and nationally;  with access to this information, you will have time to adjust your outreach campaigns based on the early indicators. You’re not left holding your breath as you approach your application deadline.   The report below is an example of a regional report that provides real-time counts of applicants by both gender and grade.




Managing for mission-appropriate enrollment

A key tenant in data management is that you can’t manage what you can’t measure.  Access to data about your applicants and your applicant pool can help you meet diversity and other enrollment goals.  For example, Ravenna provides several robust reports to help you look at ethnicity distribution.  The report below is our Regional Ethnicity Report where the distribution of ethnicity for both your school and your peer schools is displayed side-by-side.


Reflecting on your final decisions

Every school has unique characteristics and wants to create reports that reflect its own custom data fields. Ravenna has a robust tool called Data Explorer that allows you to query an unprecedented range of data fields to investigate patterns and make strategic and tactical decisions.. This can be very useful to an admission director who wants to reflect on the patterns and characteristics behind the school’s final decisions at the end of the admission season. The example below illustrates how you can drag and drop different attribute fields and create tables that quickly aggregate your data and allow you to explore for correlations and patterns.

Data Explorer looking at Average Math Stanines


Ravenna’s data capabilities are providing critical insights for school leaders.  This powerful information is another tool that helps us empower our community of admission directors.