Ravenna’s innovative admissions solution allows administrators to spend more time with their applicants and families, and less time pushing paper and reviewing checklists. Our philosophy lives within the “AND,” as relationships are unique and are the driving force behind our process. We create with collaboration in mind. The relationships schools have with their community, within their staff, and with other institutions in their region are the starting points for our CRM/database system.


We dare to imagine a new world of web-based streamlined admissions – one that isn’t intimidating and overwhelming, but easy to implement and even easier to use. Eliminating the burdens of manually processing applications and snail-mailing documents, Ravenna offers a complete solution from inquiry to decision. Our software is fully customizable, mimicking any unique approach to the admissions process, and is capable of evolving as relationships do.

With all the hours saved by using Ravenna, admissions directors can devote more time connecting with applicants and their families. More one-on-one interactions with applicants can translate into more informed admissions decisions and students who best match a school’s mission.


We want to elevate the admissions process for private schools as well as their applicants.  Our team provides considerable support and consultation in implementing our solutions and training users. We work with admission teams at their pace, ensuring nothing less than a smooth transition to a transformed work experience.

The relationships that educational institutions foster with applicant families begin at the inquiry, with many touch points along the way. Ravenna supports these important interactions by offering a centralized application experience for families. We are their one-stop shop for submitting requested materials, scheduling and signing up for events and monitoring their application statuses. Ravenna helps parents more easily navigate this very important process, and we are committed to supporting their experience as well.


Decisions don’t happen in silos. We know how cumbersome it can be passing folders back and forth among decision makers. Ravenna allows for real-time team collaboration and the ability to highlight and make notes, significantly improving the quality of committee management.

While collaboration exists within a school, Ravenna expands the outreach to neighboring private schools. Each individual school retains its independent identity yet plays a key role in creating a more effective admissions system. We know that collaboration among schools results in unprecedented value for all participants. We are passionate about building a community in such a way that the admissions process becomes an enjoyable and more personal journey for both parents and administrators.

With our focus on efficiency, support and collaboration, we are transforming the way private schools approach their admissions processes and encouraging them to live within the “AND” with us.