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Robust Reporting for Tuition Management

Ravenna Team

July 16, 2022

    Tuition payments are among your school’s most vital resources, playing a key role in keeping your facility running. As a K-12 school administrator, it’s your job to efficiently manage these payments, increase enrollment and retain students to achieve the best possible results. You can make this process easier and more effective than ever with robust tuition management reporting solutions.

    Through this guide, we’ll discuss how tuition management software can help your school succeed.

    How Does Tuition Management Reporting Drive Results for Schools?

    Tuition management tools enable school administrators to simplify and streamline their admissions processes and achieve greater enrollment results. These robust tuition management reporting solutions are equipped with many functions and features that contribute to these improvements.

    1. Faster Operations

    When you manage tuition payments with high-quality management solutions, you can receive signed contracts and deposits from families within hours instead of days. This software also allows you to send out contracts within seconds and enables recipients to sign them directly from their email — with no special login or account creation required. Making the contract and deposit process quicker and easier means you can expect to receive signed contracts and payments faster than ever before.

    2. Simplified Payment Processes

    With tuition management reporting, you can manage payments seamlessly by permitting electronic deposits via credit card or automated clearing house (AHC) payments. These systems also allow you to send invoices to all individuals who still need to pay their tuition and even forward them to third parties. As a result, you can expect timely, hassle-free deposit collection.

    3. Customizable Contracts

    Tuition reporting software allows you to create limitless contract templates that you can customize to include all the questions and fields you need to collect the most valuable tuition information. Whether you want to attach additional documents, create space for financial aid awards or insert relevant links, you can do so with these innovative tuition management solutions to ensure the most comprehensive contracts.

    You can also use tuition software to add as many signing parties to your contract as you think necessary. You can either add signers individually or automatically insert them in bulk.

    4. Conversion Tracking

    Robust tuition management reporting allows you to track prospect activity in real-time, monitoring when inquiries convert to applicants. You can use this information to gain insights on which segments are converting the most applicants and even break segments down into grade level, gender, event type, or source. You can also add customized segment tags. Conversion reporting allows you to pinpoint groups with lower conversion rates and send personalized emails to encourage them to convert.

    5. Instant Integration

    Robust tuition tools make enrollment management more efficient than ever. You can use tuition management reporting software to integrate student data into your systems with a single click. This process makes it easy to move new students from admission to enrollment and transfer reenrolling students’ information.

    Leverage Robust Tuition Management Reporting With Solutions From Ravenna

    You can experience faster operations, easier payment collection, and insightful data tracking with tuition management reporting software from Ravenna. We offer a complete suite of enrollment solutions for private and independent K-12 schools to help them streamline school office efficiencies.

    Contact us to learn more about our solutions today!

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