If you have been following Ravenna for a while, you may have noticed that we recently redesigned the logo and website. As we continue to innovate with technology, products and approach, we realized our “look” had become dated and a bit neglected. We felt strongly that our old brand identity did not adequately represent us as a company.

We spent time reflecting and in the end decided to create the new logo that you see today. The color palette has been refined along with a new brand identity. We believe this new look accurately reflects the dynamic, resourceful, customer-centric company that we are.

Today, our company is Ravenna Solutions with a suite of products simply called “Ravenna”.

We know communicating with our community is more than just a new logo. Our “re-brand” is more about improving the experience we deliver to our schools and families than just new colors. It was during the process of reflection that we recommitted ourselves to two core values of our mission: community and knowledge sharing.

With this in mind, we have launched two new initiatives.

The first is the launch of this blog. We want to humanize the admission software space, bring you (the reader) powerful relevant topics to share, spark dialog, learn and discover. We plan to address a wide range of subjects, but the intent is to help you be a more equipped member in the community of private school administrators.

The second initiative is the development of an online resource area on our website. We hope the resource area will become your source for all things admissions related. We want it to be a place where we can share documents, best practices and experiences to help our community remain effective and successful. We look to release the resources area in a few short weeks.

These two initiatives are just the start. We look forward to working and learning from this larger community. As we shake off the old skin of Ravenna Solutions, know that our company culture has not changed. Here at Ravenna, we are excited for the future and the great things to come.

Tell us what you think about our new look in the comments below!