Graduation Live

Host an online event that will be remembered and cherished forever!

Graduation is right around the corner, and COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into everyone’s plans. Considering how to honor the students who are now completing their journey is a top priority– unfortunately, you can’t do so in person due to our national crisis.

To help our schools, Ravenna is pleased to announce Graduation Live, a Live Streaming and Content Management Services solution that is part of the Community Brands family!

While you may consider a future in-person event, you can still hold graduation and other year-end recognition events online! We are here to help you with the technology and support to create a one-of-a-kind event your staff, students and families will never forget.

Microsite for your graduation

This exclusive site will be customized with your logo, school colors, order of events and a dedicated media player. Information about the speakers and graduates will be available so that you can share their individual achievements, their plans that lay ahead, and personal commentary. This microsite will also host the date and link to the livestream service that will broadcast the ceremony.

Livestreaming for your event

Ensure that the ceremony is accessible to everyone using the most popular platforms including YouTube and Facebook. You’ll maintain control of the content with a dedicated media player that offers additional tools to keep things running smoothly.

Two-way text interaction

Families and friends can virtually cheer their graduate through the livestream! This enables viewers to engage and participate with friendly comments and words of support as their graduate is recognized for their accomplishments.

Expertise and guidance

How does it all come together? With the help of our team and our expertise in producing, recording and streaming your graduation ceremony online.  We provide advice on the normal order of events by pre-recording the speakers, followed by the Graduates’ photos one by one. All of this is stitched together with transitions so you can ensure a smooth and elegant ceremony.

We all feel the effects of COVID-19 and how it has disrupted every aspect of our lives and it is important to hold on to any semblance of normalcy that we can. Thankfully, a lot of technology exists to help us adapt and stay connected. We understand that playing catch-up with all this tech can be overwhelming, which is why we’re here to simplify the process and get you what you need quickly.

The Seniors of 2020 will always be the remembered as the class who graduated from home, so give them something unique to still look forward to and stay connected with friends and family during these unprecedented times.