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Epiphany School

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The Epiphany School experience is about challenging and caring for children. An Epiphany education provides students with strong academic skills, love of learning, and community participation, as well as a sense of personal responsibility.   That same community spirit led Epiphany to embrace the charter of the Puget Sound Independent Schools (PSIS) consortium.  


Seattle, WA 


240 students


IndependentDay School

Villa Academy


Because their existing admission system was difficult to use, the team at Epiphany School decided that it was time to make a change. They needed an admission system that was easy for parents to complete and that supported the tracking and reporting needs of the admission team.

As an original member of PSIS, a consortium of Seattle area schools, Epiphany was also excited about the idea of a common application framework that could still support the unique needs of participating schools.


Epiphany initially implemented Ravenna Lite to replace their online application. While this addressed their need for an easy to use online application, they still needed to print applications for the review process. After hearing about the success that other Seattle schools were having, Epiphany upgraded Ravenna to include full application management and online reading.


The goal of PSIS is for families to have an increased awareness of the 40+ independent school options in the Puget Sound region. Through their efforts to streamline the application process, they hope to increase student access to independent school education.

Ravenna provides a common framework for PSIS that has enabled schools of all sizes and needs to participate in the consortium. And capturing application data across the region gives PSIS visibility into the results of their efforts.

Greg Jones, Epiphany Director of Admission, reports that Ravenna has been more than just a vendor for the PSIS collaborative over the past three years. Responsive product support and an openness to update the solution based on feedback from the consortium position Ravenna as a true partner in the collaboration.

“It was a different world after we implemented Ravenna. The ease of use of the online application benefited parents and the school. ”

– Director of Admission