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Jewish Day School

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JDS was founded in 1980 by a small group of community leaders who longed to provide an exceptional values-based, ‘whole child’ education delivered in a Jewish environment and made available to every child regardless of Jewish lineage. With that charter, JDS recognized the importance of participating in the Seattle independent school collaborative – while still gathering information unique to their evaluation process.


Seattle, WA


165 Students


Jewish Community Day School 

Jewish Day School & Ravenna

Before Ravenna

In 2012JDS’ Director of Admission was starting to get requests from her parent community to move their   paper processes online.   

Amy Adler was one of the independent school admission directors participating in the conversation in Seattle about how to improve the experience for parents applying to multiple schools. 

Improvements and what we learned

With the online application, everything that Amy needed to process and review applications is available online.  But most importantly, JDS can augment the common forms with questions that give Amy the ability to collect applicant information that is unique to JDS. 


With Ravenna

JDS was an early adopter of Ravenna ADMIT and joined 34 other schools that are part of the Ravenna community in Seattle Amy agreed with other local schools that they were all asking parents for much of the same information – and that sharing that information across schools would greatly improve the experience for parents.  But at the same time, it was critical for JDS to be able to ask questions that gave them the information they needed to ensure that families match their school’s mission and values.  For example, JDS is interested in learning why a family desires a Jewish education and whether they speak Hebrew at home.  The fact that Ravenna provides shared forms and questions while still allowing schools to collect their unique sets of information is why she felt Ravenna was the right choice for JDS 

“All independent schools ask families for the same general information. Streamlining the process for families so that they enter that information once is a benefit to them.  For unique, school-specific information, we were able to add forms to collect that information about applicants, which is valuable to us.”

Ravenna solutions currently used

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