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BigSIS Plus Ravenna Debut: Overcoming Admissions Roadblocks


Do these admissions roadblocks sound familiar?  

You want the review process to be collaborative but don’t know how to involve multiple stakeholders without things getting too complicated.  

Your admissions team has a hard time keeping up with the volume of applications—there’s so much information to keep track of!  

The process is confusing for families, who find it hard to track their application progress.  

Whether you are facing one of these issues, or you’re considering enhancing your admissions process in general, we invite you to join us to learn about our latest integration, BigSIS plus Ravenna.  

BigSIS is a powerful school management and student information system with a module for every step of the student lifecycle. Ravenna is a premium admission solution for schools that are looking for advanced features.  

Together, they provide a way for independent schools to offer a modern, connected experience for families and staff; think centralized portals, quick and easy application processing, interview management, lead nurturing, and so much more!