Industry Panel Discussion:

Conquering the New Normal

K-12 Industry Panel Discussion

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The last 24 months have forced school administrators into thinking, operating, and forecasting differently; from acquisition strategies to marketing, to budgeting, to engaging, and everything in between. Finding ways and tools to be more efficient is key. For instance, software that offers paperless admissions, nurture, and tracking of applicants is a benefit to future-forward schools.

Hear more insights on what will serve schools well in the future from Pete Upham, Executive Director of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), Peter Baron, Chief Member Relations Officer of the Enrollment Management Association (EMA), and Trish Surin, General Manager of Community Brands. They share real stories about what their member schools have learned holistically from COVID-19, ways to apply those learnings, and how to adapt and automate for success for the years to come.