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Tuition Software in 2020


Scrap Everything You Knew Pre-Pandemic

With school starting in a world of COVID-19, your school’s tuition software needs have likely changed drastically, and you and your teams don’t have time to research new solutions. Does my current software offer flexibility in this dynamic market? Is my information secure? Are we meeting the new needs of our families? Am I getting the best bang for my buck? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could tell you what to consider in 30 minutes or less?

Watch our webinar now where tuition software experts and product General Managers Trish Surin and Jessica McDouall will discuss: 

  • The importance of the right tuition solution for both you and your families, especially in a digital world 
  • New needs faced by both schools and families in a world of COVID-19 
  • Key capabilities to look for in new tuition software to meet these virtual needs 

Watch now.