Feature Update: Interview Management

Create unique interviewer roles within ADMIT, empowering your interviewers to manage their own schedules and availability while saving you massive amounts of time throughout the entire interview process. Stay one step ahead with new scheduling tools to enable accurate, transparent, and even automated scheduling with insight into the availability of all your interviewers.

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All the Latest

Introducing Ravenna Text Messaging

Ravenna schools now have an additional way to communicate with their families — you guessed it, text messaging! Send personalized or templated texts to touch base with prospective or current families to encourage event registration, mark important deadlines, but most...

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Automated Workflows

Automation is everywhere. From our phones to our coffee pots, you can set reminders, follow ups, and alarms to ensure you are using your time as efficiently as possible. But for a long time, school processes have lagged behind when it comes to smart automation. ...

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Ravenna Admissions

Introducing Ravenna TuitionPay

When you’re welcoming new students and families into your school community, the first few interactions they have with the school can make a lasting impression. Creating a smooth and easy experience from inquiry through the first tuition payment can often set a family...

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10 Reasons to Upgrade to Ravenna

1. Get the next generation admission software Increase your efficiencies and get access to unprecedented admission data with Ravenna’s collaborative approach Replace Manual admission tasks with efficient automated processes, freeing up hours of time that you can...

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50+ Fundraising ideas to try at your school

If you raise money for a school, you know there are many ways you can fundraise to support programs, scholarships, and more! Whether you’re looking to better involve students, alumni, the community, parents, or teachers in your fundraising efforts, this guide offers...

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