Welcome, teachers!

Ravenna is a web-based admission system that allows students and families to efficiently apply to PS-12 private schools.

If you have students applying through Ravenna, you likely received an electronic evaluation or recommendation form to complete. You can complete this form and submit it online. (Note that unless a school specifically stated it will only accept electronic forms, schools will also be able to process paper evaluations/recommendations.)

If your region uses a shared teacher evaluation form, your answers will be immediately shared with all schools to which the applicant is applying through Ravenna. If the student applies to another school at a future date, you will receive an email notification and the form will be immediately available to the new school(s). You do not have to take any action for this to happen. On some shared teacher evaluations, schools will add school-specific questions. The answers requested by that individual school are not displayed to any other school.

Creating an account

If you are typically asked to write only one or two teacher evaluations/recommendations, you do not need to create a Ravenna account. If you anticipate receiving a number of evaluation requests, however, and you would like help managing these requests, you are welcome to create a Ravenna account. In that account, we will display all evaluation requests sent to your email address. You would be able to easily see which students made requests, which forms you have submitted and which still require competing. A Ravenna account also gives you access to multiple admission seasons so that you can view evaluations from year to year.

School review of evaluations

If your school asks that teacher evaluations are reviewed prior to submission, you can easily complete your form and not submit it. You would then send the original email request, or simply the link provided in the email, to the appropriate individual at your school who will review the evaluation before submission.

Privacy and security

Please be assured that parents/guardians have no access to your teacher evaluation/ recommendation form or form answers at any time. Families can view the status of the form and will know if it has been submitted electronically. A parent/guardian can also easily resubmit the request if you did not receive the email. We are committed to ensuring the privacy of your responses.

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