About Ravenna

Our Story

In 2012, Ravenna Solutions partnered with a group of private schools in Seattle, Washington to explore a better way to process applications. Since then, Ravenna has evolved as a modern, innovative and highly configurable admission and enrollment CRM working with schools across the country. We are focused on supporting the admission professional—elevating and improving your work experience every day.

What sets us apart from other CRM solutions?


67% fewer hours

Ravenna schools see annual time and cost savings, no matter the size or type of school. By replacing manual tasks with automated processes, an average school can save up to 500 hours in their first year on Ravenna.


25% more applications

Ravenna schools see 10-25% more applications in their first year by simplifying the often-complex admission process for families and allowing applicants to explore more schools in their region.


5x faster processing

By spending less time on manual processes, Ravenna schools can spend more time thoughtfully reading and reviewing applications, allowing for a better understanding of their applicants and better-informed admission decisions.

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Sales Inquiries: inquiries@ravennasolutions.com
Parent/guardians: Ravenna-Help@communitybrands.com
Current school customers: Ravenna-CustomerCare@communitybrands.com
Teachers & feeder schools: Ravenna-CustomerCare@communitybrands.com


“Ravenna freed us up to be able to talk to parents about more important topics, not about scheduling visits and tracking application status.”

— Rebecca Eckstein, VP for Admissions, Woodward Academy, GA