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Elevate your entire admission process with Ravenna ADMIT. From tracking and nurturing prospective applicants through publishing decisions, our collaborative approach to admission simplifies the process for families, allows you to increase your efficiencies and gives you access to unprecedented data you can’t get anywhere else.

A Software for private schools that is made for admissions.

Ravenna truly understands the private and independent school admission office and will help you eliminate those pesky, time-consuming tasks that often fill up a majority of your day during the busy admission season.


A centralized application process for families.

Parents/guardians can inquire and apply for multiple children to any number of Ravenna schools from one central system with one account. Ravenna makes the process of submitting forms, scheduling events, monitoring statuses, viewing decisions, and more, easy!

Infinitely configurable.

Ravenna understands that every school is unique. With Ravenna ADMIT, you retain your own processes and use your own questions, forms, events and more, so you can offer your families the most personalized admission experience available.

Quick and easy application processing.

No more checking off a box for every form you receive. With our online application software and high-volume document processing you can receive and acknowledge hundreds of documents—both electronic and paper—in minutes.

Interview Management

Create unique interviewer roles within ADMIT, empowering  your interviewers to manage their own schedules and availability while saving you massive amounts of time throughout the entire interview process. Stay one step ahead with new admissions interview scheduling tools to enable accurate,  transparent, and even automated scheduling with insight into the availability of all your interviewers.  

Automated Workflows.

With Ravenna Workflows you can do more with less. Grow your funnel, better engage prospective applicants and families and increase your conversions by letting automation do the hard work for you. Whether you want to segment your applicants, flag certain files for follow-up, assign applications to specific readers or send personalized, targeted email campaigns – you can do it all without pushing a button.

“Ravenna freed us up to be able to talk to parents about more important topics, not about scheduling visits and tracking application status.”

— Rebecca Eckstein, VP for Admissions, Woodward Academy, GA

Complete online file reading and review.

Allow an unlimited number of readers to participate in thoughtful applicant review—including typing notes and highlighting forms—anytime and anywhere without requiring you to print forms or download PDFs. By granting individual or group file access, multiple readers can review the same files at the same time—eliminating the need to shuffle folders back and forth.

Advanced relationship management.

Track and nurture prospective applicants, strategically communicate with families, and make better-informed decisions with enhanced financial aid and engagement tracking tools.

Smarter committees and improved decision-making.

Ravenna provides a modern approach to committee management. With full applications, applicant data and reader comments at your fingertips, you can elevate your committee discussions and improve the quality of your decision-making.

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