Ravenna Private School Interview Software

Modern professionals live in a world of technological convenience. Banking, health care, entertainment, and socialization are just a click or tap away. Yet, the education system is often far behind. Ravenna is here to revolutionize the interview process so you can focus on the things that matter, such as evaluating ideal new students for your school.  

Our Ravenna ADMIT software conveniently centralizes the application process with forms and event scheduling. The key feature to modernize the interview process is Ravenna Interview Management. Ravenna designed this feature specifically to boost your productivity and solve the pain points that slow down your workflow. 

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Ravenna gives schools access to optimized interview scheduling software and a convenient interviewer dashboard. 


Ravenna has admissions interview scheduling tools that can empower you to work smarter and accomplish more. One main feature is that you can create interviewer roles for each event you schedule in ADMIT. For example, if you have multiple time slots for a single event, you can assign several interviewers. 

It’s also possible to get even more specific. You can assign interviewers based on availability and assign applicants to certain interviewers based on particular criteria. For example, you can assign any student interested in a sport to a coach who specializes in sports scholarships with this Ravenna workflow tool

You can also mark attendance and assign a write-up sheet, summary template, or other post-interview forms to the host. 

Interviewer Dashboard

The interviewer dashboard within ADMIT offers many versatile features. You can add and manage your availability with scheduling. For example, if a new time block opens up on Wednesday afternoons, you can notify your team that you have new availability for appointments. 

You can also view student profiles and assigned tasks. Student profiles show a student’s grade average, application status, and application type. There are assigned tasks available for interviewers so management can let you know to ask specific questions for certain students. It’s also possible to view your assigned post-interview worksheets on the dashboard. 

The Ravenna interview dashboard provides an all-in-one solution for interviewing and reviewing applicant information in a centralized location. Now, you can access all the information you need from one hub for an accurate and informed admissions decision.

Virtual Interview Solution

Ravenna’s Interview Management tool within ADMIT allows schools to transition seamlessly from in-person to virtual interviews. Everything from student profiles to applications is now paperless and easy to access anywhere with internet connectivity in the cloud. 

Schools can walk through the entire interview process digitally. Schedulers can book appointments online, co-workers can send notes to colleagues, interviewers can host discussions over Zoom, and interviewers can submit their findings immediately after an interview.

Experience The Ravenna Admission Interview Scheduling Tool

Ready to take your school’s interview process to the next level? Ravenna’s ADMIT software has a solution for private and independent PS-12 schools. You can view a walk-through tutorial of the tool by downloading our free webinar today. 

Connect with us online to ask questions or request a free demo so you can try the software hands-on. 


“I cannot imagine what life would be like without Ravenna and its automated tools, CRM capacity and excellent customer support team.”

— Angela Dugan, Director of Admission & Enrollment Services, Villa Academy, Seattle, WA