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Feature Update: Interview Management

December 8, 2020 | read
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With so much changing in the day-to-day operations of schools this past year, planning admission events and interviews can feel daunting when you start to think about next season. Luckily, Ravenna is here to help take some of that stress off your admission office.

As the premier admission solution for K-12 independent schools, we know the problems facing admission offices every day. Through consultation and feedback from our school community, we are aware that one of the best ways we can help schools right now is to make interview scheduling, management, and logistics easier as we enter 2021.

Transforming Outdated Processes

To tackle this problem head on, we have taken an outdated process that usually requires multiple touches, from multiple people within disconnected systems and transformed it into a streamlined, easy-to-manage process. We have done this by bringing the entire process in-house with a new feature offering we are calling Ravenna Interview Management.

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A Powerful New Feature

This powerful new feature allows you to create unique interviewer roles within ADMIT, empowering your interviewers to manage their own schedules and availability while saving you massive amounts of time throughout the entire interview process.  Stay one step ahead with new scheduling tools to enable accurate, transparent, and even automated scheduling with insight into the availability of all your interviewers. This means more accurate scheduling and less time spent going back-and-forth between various calendars and schedules.


"Edit Availability" feature in MS Teams

Updated Dashboard For Easy Organization

A new interviewer dashboard allows your interviewers to manage their schedule, view assigned notes and tasks, and access appropriate applicant information to prepare for interviews in one organized place. Plus, post-interview follow-up is now a breeze with the ability to attach interview write-up forms directly to scheduled interviewees and give your interviewers the ability to manage all of their assigned forms directly from their dashboard.

Interviewer Dashboard view

Schedule a Demo

We are so excited to offer a new take on an outdated process and can’t wait to show you some more features! Schedule a demo of Ravenna Interview Management today.


Michael Foster

Michael Foster

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