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Ravenna ADMIT

Ravenna’s innovative software lets schools use paperless admissions and automated data reporting for ultimate efficiency and accuracy.

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Paperless Admissions

One of Ravenna’s most powerful tools for school administration is a paperless, cloud-based experience. Our admissions management software can help families and school administration achieve a new level of efficiency and convenience.

When a parent or guardian is ready to apply, they can fill out a form apply online or speak with an admissions officer over the phone rather than traveling to the office.

This feature allows families to skip organizing paperwork and reduces the workload for your office staff. Parents can also create a single master account for their children to avoid duplicate paperwork and repetitive tasks for office staff.

Ravenna allows interviewers to read and review files simultaneously and take notes without updating a physical filing system. Unlike traditional, physical files, strong digital encryption can keep files secure from theft or tampering.

Automation and Data Reporting

Ravenna ADMIT combines the power of automation and private schools’ data tracking to revolutionize how you manage applications. Ravenna’s Workflow system uses rich data from student applicants to create virtually limitless automated admission processes.

This software can leverage the data to create personalized drip email campaigns for families moving through the application process or send out event-specific emails. It can also flag certain applicants and match them with interviewers based on set criteria and organize applications based on factors such as region, extracurricular interests, and grade-point average.

Ravenna ADMIT also simplifies the scheduling process with built-in appointment scheduling features. Administrators can create interviewer roles for each event and assign interviewers based on availability or automatically match them based on the student’s background. The calendar also allows you to assign post-interview paperwork like a write-up sheet or summary template to the interviewer.

Ravenna offers custom integration with the Standard Application Online (SAO) system. This feature can save countless hours for office staff importing applications from SAO and organizes your data into one centralized location with data reporting.

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“I cannot imagine what life would be like without Ravenna and its automated tools, CRM capacity and excellent customer support team.”

— Angela Dugan, Director of Admission & Enrollment Services, Villa Academy, Seattle, WA