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A Connected Solution to Streamline School Operations

Create efficiencies, attract more families, and maximize resources by unifying the digital campus.

We help K-12 private schools serve their students and families with efficiency, transparency, and speed.   

 BigSIS is a cloud-based, all-in-one school information system (SIS) supporting every stage of the K-12 private and independent school’s student lifecycle. 

When integrated with Ravenna, BigSIS enhances the family experience, centralizes data, enables flexible tuition payment capabilities, and provides data-driven robust reporting for every stage of the student lifecycle.   

Staff and families see immediate benefits from a highly personalized, fully connected experience that simplifies processes and saves time.  

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“BigSIS is just so intuitive and easy to use and something that actually fits our needs. I trained our teachers how to do their end-of-year reports in only 10 minutes; It was so easy, and the teachers were happy with using our new software. I’m thrilled, and so are the rest of the administrative staff.

-Julie Wahlin, Front Office Manage, Shelburne, Vermont


BigSIS K-12 Capabilities 

We know the most important focus for schools is on students, families, and growing the school community. With disjointed solutions, schools can lose time, efficiency, and data insights that could inform a roadmap for growth. BigSIS has flexible and integrated features to meet every school need with secure data, less manual keystrokes, and optimal parent and school support. 


Attract and Enroll Families with Ease


Connect Your Community with a Unified Login and Parent Portal


Enhance Decision-making with Best-in-class Data and Analytics


Streamline Student Success with Centralized Academics


Support Your Families with Flexible Tuition Options


Drive Targeted Fundraising Initiatives with Connected Data


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BigSIS Overview
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Unify Your Digital Campus


BigSIS Buyer’s Guide

Unify the digital campus with Community Brands K-12 School Solutions. Our offerings support your student and family initiatives at every stage of the school journey.

Pair BigSIS with our full suite of Community Brands K-12 solutions, including MIP Fund Accounting, Schoo and Student Services (SSS), financial aid, or Ravenna premium admissions for greater capabilities with long-standing partner you know and trust.