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Ravenna Student Management™

Create efficiencies, attract more families, and maximize resources by unifying the digital campus.

Connect your schools and families with an all-in-one solution supporting every stage of the student lifecycle.

Ravenna Student Management helps K-12 private schools serve their students and families with efficiency, transparency, and speed.

Deliver immediate benefits to your staff and families with:

  • A personalized, fully connected experience that simplifies processes and saves time
  • Flexible tuition payment options to reduce delinquencies
  • Centralized student data to remove silos and enrich the family and teacher experience
  • Enhanced data-driven reporting to support school growth opportunities

“Ravenna Student Management is intuitive, easy to use, and fits our school’s needs. I trained our teachers how to do their end-of-year reports in only 10 minutes. The teachers were happy with using our new software. I’m thrilled, and so is the rest of the administrative staff.”

— Julie Wahlin, Front Office Manager, Shelburne, Vermont

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Attract and Enroll Families with Ease

No more juggling data between disparate systems. Families and staff have a stress-free, easier enrollment experience using online forms and a simple interface, featuring a single-point system for applications, enrollment agreements, and signatory forms.

Connect Your Community with a Unified Login and Parent Portal

Support everything families need with one simple login. Parents, teachers, and staff use integrated, personalized, and school-branded forms, letters, and real-time communications in a single system.

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Enhance Decision-making with Best-in-class Data and Analytics

Schools leverage real-time, secure student data to create future-focused target initiatives to expand diversity and equity, as well as identifying enrollment trends and disparities.

Streamline Operations with a Unified Record System 

An integrated record system enables administrative updates to student and family information—with one click—automatically updating all information across the student profile, significantly reducing tedious manual re-entry or error.

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Strengthen Student Success with Centralized Academics

Teachers easily upload assignments, communicate with students, and complete grading with a centralized academic portal. Teachers can proactively track student progress and identify when or if a student needs more support.

Drive Targeted Fundraising Initiatives with Connected Data

Schools can encourage parents, alumni, and other supporters in your community to become engaged donors. Easily design a focused fundraising campaign, manage targeted solicitations for each segment of your community, and track results in real-time dashboards.

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Grow Enrollment by Extending Your Solution with Premium Admissions and Proven Financial Aid

The Ravenna Suite enables schools to strengthen connections with families, build more diverse school communities, and delivers a streamlined and integrated experience for school staff and administrators.

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