/ The Heart of Waldorf Education: The 2024 AWSNA Conference

The Heart of Waldorf Education: The 2024 AWSNA Conference

July 2, 2024 | read
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The national Waldorf school conference was held in Denver Colorado at the Denver Waldorf School, from June 24 27, 2024. The event was filled with passionate discussions, innovative ideas, and a shared commitment to fostering the well-being of children through Waldorf education. Our team members Christi Reece, Brooke Laneau, and Josey Trimble were grateful to be part of this exciting and inspiring event.

Community Brands, proud to be an Enthusiast Sponsor of the event, had the privilege of participating alongside over 200 Waldorf school leaders, administrators, and teachers from all over North America. This provided an invaluable opportunity to build relationships within the Waldorf community, gain insights into their unique needs, and share the ways Education Solutions by Community Brands can support their mission.

Onsite With Community Brands

Photo of onsite team: Brooke Laneau, Christi Reece

The conference unfolded under the overarching theme of “Radiant Self, Resilient Students, Robust Schools.” Each day featured a captivating keynote address that delved deeper into these core pillars. Constanza Kaliks, PhD, ignited the conversation with her session on the “Radiant Self,” emphasizing the importance of nurturing inner strength and fostering self-awareness in students. Nkem Ndefo, MSN, RN, CNM, followed suit with a powerful presentation on “Resilient Students,” equipping educators with strategies to cultivate their students’ capacity to overcome challenges and grow from setbacks. Finally, Simone Shurney, M.S. Ed, capped off the series with her insights on building “Robust Schools,” highlighting the importance of fostering a thriving and supportive learning environment.

Attendees were also inspired by Baba the Storyteller during this busy three-day event.

One notable presentation as well was Chip Weems session, “I am. AI is.” which focused on Artificial Intelligence and what ways it could impact the future for students as well how curriculum might adapt in terms of this new technological development.

Educations Solution team member Josey Trimble said, “It was inspiring being surrounded by such passionate educators that are going out of their way to further educate themselves and continue to cultivate their community.”

Other sessions focused on building community, expanding schoolwide DEI efforts, and molding resilient students. Takeaways from these sessions highlighted how these efforts can benefit enrollment and retention efforts for Waldorf schools overall.

The conference concluded on a high note, leaving attendees feeling energized and equipped with a wealth of information and resources. Community Brands is honored to serve Waldorf schools and support them in their mission to nurture well-rounded individuals with a deep appreciation for the arts, humanities, and the natural world.

Our Education Solutions team understands the unique needs and principles of a Waldorf education. Explore our Student Information System (SIS) that is tailored to enhance the Waldorf experience, providing administrators, teachers, students, and families with a seamless and efficient solution. Learn more about Ravenna Student Management™ by checking out our dedicated Waldorf resource page.


Nettie Reynolds

Nettie Reynolds

Sr. Content Strategist

Nettie Reynolds serves as Sr. Content Strategist for Education Solutions by Community Brands. Prior to joining Community Brands, Nettie was the Director of Development for Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in New Braunfels, TX. She is a committed parent and supporter of private schools.

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