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2024 Key Trends in Admissions: Insights for a Successful Admissions Season

March 8, 2024 | read

Families are increasingly seeking personalized choices regarding their children’s education. This is backed by data from the 2023 National School Choice Awareness Foundation Survey, indicating that approximately 32% of families have begun to explore enrolling their children in charter schools, while 29% have expressed interest in private or parochial institutions. 

This trend signifies not only a demand for more personalized educational experiences but also highlights the significance of school choice in addressing the diverse needs of students and families. K-12 private and independent schools can capitalize on this rising interest by developing strategies to attract, admit, and enroll students and families. This blog explores insights from our recently released 2024 Key Trends in Admissions Report, offering key trends, strategies, and considerations to navigate a successful admissions season. 

Key Strategies: Shaping the Path to Success 

The 2024 Key Trends in Admissions Report presents five essential strategies to drive admissions success, and in this blog, we’ll focus on two that can be game-changers for your school. For a comprehensive overview, download the full report to explore all five strategies. 

Local Benchmarking for Performance Evaluation

How does your school measure up to others in your area? Local benchmarking is a valuable tool for schools aiming to assess their performance within their community. This method allows private and independent schools to understand their position relative to others, pinpoint areas for improvement, and incorporate best practices that suit their specific local conditions. Local benchmarking is especially useful for customizing strategies and initiatives to tackle specific challenges and maximize opportunities within a particular community or region.

Strategic Retention for Financial Stability

Retaining students goes beyond maintaining enrollment numbers; it requires a comprehensive strategy considering the school’s financial health and student and family needs. By examining student progress and tuition data, schools can develop an environment that is conducive to student success. Academic data, for instance, enables administrators and educators to design personalized learning pathways, addressing the needs of students who may require extra support and, in turn, promoting retention. Additionally, tuition data analysis allows schools to identify opportunities to offer tuition incentives that support retention efforts.

Creating an Exceptional Admissions Experience 

Choosing the right software partner is pivotal in creating a seamless admissions process. The report highlights essential questions to ask when evaluating admissions technology—here are a few to start with. 

Does Your Software Partner Work with You to Create a Custom Application Environment?  

An essential consideration is whether your software collaborates with you to develop a custom application environment that reflects your mission and values. Customization enhances the connection when communicating with potential families, providing a personalized touch beyond the standard application process.  

Does Your Solution Allow Applicants to Inquire, Apply, Download, and Submit the Required Documents and Fees? 

Second, evaluating your solution’s capabilities in providing applicants with options to inquire, apply, download, and submit necessary documents and fees is crucial. An easy-to-use interface is critical, ensuring families can navigate the process effortlessly. The availability of 24/7 secure payment and document processing adds an extra layer of convenience, aligning with the expectations of modern families and contributing to a positive and efficient admissions experience. 

Empower Your School’s Future 

Are you ready to dive into more trends? Download the 2024 Key Trends in Admissions Report for more practical strategies and considerations to ensure a thriving admissions season. By staying well-informed and implementing a strategic approach based on the latest industry insights, you can position your school for success in attracting and enrolling students. 

Shana Abner

Shana Abner

Manager of Product Marketing

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