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Elevating Your Recruiting and Relationship Management #1: Leads

August 28, 2017 | read

This is the first post in our six-part blog series, Elevating Your Recruiting and Relationship Management. This series will highlight six specific functionalities available with the newest level of our best-in-class admissions solution, Ravenna ADMIT Premium. Follow along to learn how Premium can help you increase the top of your admission funnel, communicate more strategically, get better insight into an applicant’s engagement and make more strategic, better-informed decisions.


Did you know that in ADMIT Premium there’s a new application status called “lead”?

Why are leads important?

  • Leads allow you to track potential applicants before they inquire
  • You can upload leads in bulk
  • You can begin your recruitment efforts earlier than you ever could before

With leads in ADMIT Premium you can track prospective applicants before they even inquire. Leads are always school generated, so you can add leads individually or—even better—in bulk. If you have a list of potential applicants that you got from perhaps a feeder school or an admissions organization you can use the lead import tool to create a “lead” record for each potential applicant on your list. Once you have leads in ADMIT, you can start your recruitment efforts to encourage students and families to apply.

"Incoming Applicants" dashboard

You also have access to our new event sign-in form in Premium. For your large events like an open house where families don’t pre-register, you can use the event sign-in form to allow attendees to quickly and easily sign in. No more clipboards and paper sign-in forms; now you can have families enter their information into your event sign-in form on a tablet or iPad. Track attendance and send follow-up emails instantly without waiting for a member of your office to manually input paper forms.

The first few weeks of your admission season can be a critical time for you to encourage new families to inquire and apply. Premium’s new tools will ensure you start your season off right and put your school one step ahead.

Brandon Stec

Brandon Stec

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