Elevating Your Recruiting and Relationship Management #4: Conversion Reporting


Brandon Stec

September 18, 2017

    This is the fourth post in our six-part blog series, Elevating Your Recruiting and Relationship Management. This series will highlight six specific functionalities available with the newest level of our best-in-class admissions solution, Ravenna ADMIT Premium. Follow along to learn how Premium can help you increase the top of your admission funnel, communicate more strategically, get better insight into an applicant’s engagement and make more strategic, better-informed decisions.


    Did you know that there’s a report in ADMIT that can help you track when your inquiries convert to applicants?

    ADMIT Premium’s Prospect Conversion Report will allow you to:

    • View real-time conversion rates for all of your applicants
    • View conversion rates for specific segments
    • Strategically reach out to groups with low conversion rates to encourage conversion

    With ADMIT Premium, you have access to the Prospect Conversion Report where you can see in real time the conversion rates for all of your applicants. At any time, you can view how many of your applicants have the status of Lead, Inquiry, Exploring, Started, Withdrawn and Applied.

    Prospect to Applicant Conversion Report metrics

    You can also view conversion rates by segment. Choose to segment by apply grade, event type, gender, source, or your customized segment tags. The Prospect Conversion Report will even give you a link to view the list of applicants within a particular segment.

    Want to encourage a group with a low conversion rate to begin their application or attend a special event? Use the Conversion Report to find a group with a low conversion rate, easily open the list of applicants within that segment, and then use the bulk email tool to send that group a personalized email. You’ll be able to be more strategic throughout the season with the data you find in this dynamic new report.



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