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How to Grow Your School Population

October 29, 2021 | read

Private K-12 schools face stiff challenges when attempting to fill their classrooms. Factors such as school choice, declining birth rates, and increasing costs have caused many of these educational institutions to scramble to find ways to bolster enrollment.

As a private school owner or administrator, knowing how to attract more students is crucial to your institution’s survival. Besides generating the revenue you need to keep the doors open, increasing enrollment allows you to remain relevant in a highly competitive industry. It also helps to elevate your school’s reputation within the communities you serve.


4 Ways to Increase the Number of Students in a School

By implementing the following strategies for increasing student enrollment, you can help your private school thrive with higher admission rates.

1. Know What Makes Your School Unique

The marketing term “unique selling proposition” (USP) can apply to the task of attracting more students (and their families) to your school. Every private school has something that differentiates it from the rest, whether it’s the content of the curriculum, a long, rich history of producing successful students, the quality of its sports teams, or the availability of special programs.

If you’re having difficulty identifying your school’s USP, ask families or current or past students for their input. This information can help you develop your brand, which will serve as the cornerstone of your ongoing marketing activities.

2. Tap Into Your “Fan Base”

Successful businesses use testimonials from their satisfied customers to spread positive information about their products and services. You can do the same by providing alumni and families access to forums where they can sing your school’s praises. Leverage your website and social media platforms to enable people to post glowing comments or testimonials and get permission to use them in your promotional messaging.

3. Be Persistent When Following Up to Inquiries

It typically takes five touchpoints before a family commits to a school. Encourage your admissions staff to maintain a regular schedule for contacting families that express interest in your school. You can make a significant by taking the initiative to stay in touch with a follow-up phone call, email, or text.

Choosing a school can be an evolving process, and sending regular reminders about the benefits of attending your institution can further encourage students to consider your institution.

4. Promote Your Teachers’ Backgrounds and Qualifications

Families choose private schools to ensure their children receive a high-quality education. They also want to know that the instructors are among the best available. Use your website to create informative teacher profiles listing their credentials, experience, and additional facts that validate their skills and professionalism.

Ravenna Enrollment Software Can Help Your School Grow

A streamlined admissions process can also encourage parents to select your private school. Ravenna Solutions offers an innovative enrollment management software solution for private and independent K-12 schools that delivers an excellent user experience, from inquiry to the first tuition payment.

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Nina Bernardi

Nina Bernardi

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