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Elevating Your Recruiting and Relationship Management #2: Segmentation & Nurturing

September 4, 2017 | read
Segmentation and nurturing

This is the second post in our six-part blog series, Elevating Your Recruiting and Relationship Management. This series will highlight six specific functionalities available with the newest level of our best-in-class admissions solution, Ravenna ADMIT Premium. Follow along to learn how Premium can help you increase the top of your admission funnel, communicate more strategically, get better insight into an applicant’s engagement and make more strategic, better-informed decisions.


Did you know that ADMIT Premium has a new segment tag feature?

Segment tags will allow you to:

  • Create customized groups of applicants
  • Strategically reach out to specific segments with customized messaging
  • Make the application process more personal for your families

ADMIT Premium’s new segment tag feature allows you to create customized tags to label your applicants. You can add one tag or multiple tags to any applicant, directly in the applicant’s profile. Using the filter function in your All Applicants list, you can then organize your potential applicants into groups—or segments—to create tailored communication that speaks directly to the specific needs or interests of a particular group.

Arrow points out the "Add Tag" feature on student profiles

Segment tags are customizable in your School Setup so that you can create the tags, segments and strategic messaging that you need. For example, you could tag every potential applicant who indicates that they’re interested in theater with a “Theater” tag and then use the bulk email feature to send a message to the applicants within that segment highlighting your school’s theater program and inviting them to the fall production.

Feature that enables you to add tags to a student profile

Now with Premium, you can be more strategic in your communication than ever before. When you send targeted messaging you’ll make the application process feel even more personal for your applicants and families, resulting in higher yield and more mission-appropriate students.

Brandon Stec

Brandon Stec

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