Ravenna Enrollment

Simplified contract management

Receive signed contracts and deposits within hours, not days.

Deliver contracts to families in seconds. Allow contract signers to securely sign your contracts directly from an email—no account creation or login needed!

Collect deposits electronically, from whoever pays tuition.

Easily collect deposits electronically using credit card or ACH payments. Send invoices to whoever needs to pay the deposit. Even allow invoices to be forwarded to third parties, like a grandparent, to allow for hassle-free payment.

Create customized contracts that fit your needs.

Build as many contract templates as you need. Easily integrate predefined fields, insert links and collect answers to key questions—all directly in your contracts. And, include documents that will be automatically added as attachments to each contract.

Decide who needs
to sign a contract.

Add as many parties to your contract as you need: one parent/guardians in all households—it’s up to you. Automatically add signers in bulk or add signers individually for each contract.

Integrate student data
with just a click.

Manage your entire enrollment and re-enrollment process in Ravenna ENROLL. Automatically push your newly admitted students from ADMIT and then use the easy import wizard to bring over your re-enrolling students.

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ENROLL Features


  • Single sign-on with Ravenna ADMIT
  • Push-button data integration with Ravenna ADMIT
  • Simple CSV data import tool


  • Financial aid award integration
  • Custom deposit amounts
  • Automatic invoice creation


  • Unlimited templates and predefined fields
  • Answerable questions
  • Document attachments
  • Bulk editing capabilities
  • Customizable configuration of signers and payers

For signers

Automatic contract and invoice reminders
Optional contract expiration
PDF download and print options

For administrators

Contract preview
Stress-free testing mode
Contract countersign workflow


“I cannot imagine what life would be like without Ravenna and its automated tools, CRM capacity and excellent customer support team.”

— Angela Dugan, Director of Admission & Enrollment Services, Villa Academy, Seattle, WA