Financial Aid Integration With SSS

Increase Efficiency in Admissions & Financial Aid Processes

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Two best-in-class solutions

Ravenna offers a modern, highly configurable application and enrollment management solution for private and independent PS-12 schools. 

Schools turn to SSS for its complete suite of tools, features, and data in one centralized and flexible system to administer a successful financial aid program. SSS delivers everything needed to assess a family’s ability to afford tuition and make strategic award decisions.  

Together, Ravenna and SSS have always complemented one another to provide schools with cloud-based solutions that solve their school and family needs. 

Everything you need to know about an applicant in one place

With this exciting integration, our two Community Brands systems work together to increase efficiency in your admission and financial aid processes. When you integrate an applicant’s financial aid data from SSS directly into their admission profile in Ravenna, you’ll view everything you need to know about an applicant in one place.  

With one-click data syncing you can view application status, family and student contribution, and recommended award amounts in Ravenna in real-time, then pull final award amounts into your decision letter templates! Plus, you’ll gain greater insight into your applicants by reporting on your admission and financial aid data together with Ravenna’s advanced reporting tools. 

Integration Features

Integrate financial aid information directly into an applicant’s admission profile


Control who has access to view financial aid information in Ravenna

 See application status, contribution, and award amounts in   Ravenna in real time

Use Ravenna’s advanced reporting tools to report on your admission and financial aid data together


Edit final award amounts in Ravenna as you make admission decisions

Why schools choose SSS for financial aid


SSS utilizes a rigorous yet flexible methodology built and maintained by the National Association of Independent Schools. Centered on the principle that families of equal means should receive equal awards, schools get an objective and reliable baseline.

Flexible and configurable

A modern, innovative portal is configurable to reflect school policies and processes. Powerful self-serve tools let schools manage and adjust their data and applications on the fly.

A + dedicated support

Our team of support specialists provide world-class service to all users. Schools get real-time help and training, including formula questions and revisions; families get built-in help text and easy access to a trained support team to aid in completing the applicationin English or Spanish.

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