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Working in conjunction with their existing school management software, Ravenna helped Brooklyn Friends efficiently process a growing volume of applications while giving voice to a broader community of reviewers.

Guided by the Quaker belief that there is a Divine Light in everyone, Brooklyn Friends School cultivates an intellectually ambitious and diverse community that celebrates each individual’s gifts. In this rich learning environment, they inspire all members of the community to voice their convictions, to discover and pursue their passions, and to seek the truth.


Brooklyn, NY


835 Students


Independent Quaker school

Brooklyn Friends School

Before Ravenna

With an increasing applicant pool, the admission team at Brooklyn Friends was struggling to keep up with the growing paperwork. When they realized that they were spending more time filing than they were getting to know their families, they knew that they needed to shift their energies.

With Ravenna

With Ravenna Admissions, Brooklyn Friends found a comprehensive system that handled all aspects of the admission process –including inquiries, online admissions, and collaborative review. Ravenna efficiently handled their admission needs and gave them complete visibility into the funnel of applicants.

Improvements and Lessons Learned

Reflecting on the admission review process, Karine Blemur-Chapman, Director of All-School Enrollment, was struck by how much more connected the admission committee became because of Ravenna. Access to one another’s thoughts and opinions in real-time ensured that everyone was always present and had a voice –an idea that is central to Brooklyn Friends’ mission. And personally, Karine appreciated that family application information was always at her fingertips –wherever she happened to be. As an unexpected benefit, Karine believes that Ravenna reduced the stress for applying families by giving them real-time control and visibility into the application process. And because of that, their interactions with parents during the admission process were about establishing relationships and not about managing the stress.

“Instead of managing anxiety, we were establishing relationships with families. Ravenna helped us focus on what was important.”

Karine Blemur-Chapman, Director of All-School Enrollment

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