/ Discover the Latest K-12 Admissions Tech Trends

Your Guide to the Latest Trends in K-12 Admissions Technology

Direct your most impactful admission season yet!


When it comes to admission season, do prospective families have an easy way to inquire, apply, and communicate about the process with your school? Can you access current admissions data quickly and easily?  

There are many factors to consider as a school to ensure a successful admission process. Now is the time to evaluate whether your current system(s) are scalable and sustainable in the long run. After all, your admission process directly impacts how many new students you enroll at your school and, in turn, revenue.   

We created a guide to walk you through the latest trends in admission technology and what to look for in a new solution to improve the user experience and create efficiency.  

In the guide, you will find:  

  • A checklist to determine if you need a new admission solution.
  • The latest trends in admission technology.
  • How schools are using admission solutions to attract new families

Plus, you’ll find a variety of admission marketing tips and a slew of (free!) resources you can use to make this admission season your best yet. 

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