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From Admissions to Academics: How Ravenna Plus BigSIS Connects Every Step

April 28, 2023 | read

Technology changes quickly. At Community Brands, we keep a pulse on the latest K-12 technology trends—and implement them within our solutions—so that you can focus on building your school mission and community.  

In the past few years, we’ve seen an increased demand for connected solutions that are user-friendly and secure. All-in-one solutions allow schools to connect each step of the student lifecycle efficiently; this has many benefits, including saving time and money, a better family experience, and access to comprehensive data.  

To meet this demand, we’re excited to introduce our connected suite for independent schools: BigSIS and Ravenna. Keep reading to learn more about each solution and how they work together to benefit your school.  

👋 Meet BigSIS: School Management and Student Information System 

BigSIS is the newest member of the Community Brands K-12 family; it’s our premier solution for independent schools looking to elevate their user experience while streamlining processes.  

In short, it’s a one-stop-shop for every school function; that’s right—BigSIS has big capabilities—it’s chock-full of customizable features that you can fine-tune to suit your needs. 

BigSIS features connected modules for admissions, enrollment, tuition management, data and information management, fundraising, and academics. Every module is connected through personalized portals for students, families, teachers, and administrators.  

Connected modules have three significant benefits for schools: 

  1. Information syncs across the system, and updates are in real-time. This results in less time spent manually managing information between systems.  
  2. All of your data is housed in one place so you can see the big picture. For example, look at how many of your admitted applicants converted into enrolled students and strategize accordingly. 
  3. As your school grows, your system can adapt. Flexible modules allow you to expand or adjust without a new system (or multiple new systems!).   

Learn more about each module in our blog post: Is BigSIS School Management and Student Information System Right For Your School?  

👋 Meet Ravenna: Advanced Admissions Solution  

Ravenna is a trusted admissions solution for schools looking for advanced capabilities. Here’s a look at how Ravenna elevates the admissions process:  

  • A shared directory for every school in your region, making it easy for families to find information about your school, inquire, and apply from a central account.  
  • Your team can collaborate on application reviews with an unlimited number of reviewers and interview management.  
  • Use engagement tracking tools to nurture prospective families and encourage them to apply. 
  • Pull in financial aid information to review during the admissions review process with the School and Student Services (SSS) integration. 
  • Explore real-time admission numbers with the robust data explorer.  
  • Enable automation to help you create efficiencies and results—segment applicants, flag files for follow-up, or send personalized email campaigns. 

💡Did you know? School administration teams using Ravenna see annual time and cost savings, no matter the size or type of school. By replacing manual tasks with automated processes, a school can save up to 500 hours in their first year using Ravenna. 

💭 How Does the Integration Work?  

Now that Ravenna can be paired with BigSIS, you can elevate your admissions process while still connecting it with every other school function. For example, move a student from admission to enrollment quickly—without reentering their information! Then, send and sign contracts and collect tuition or other fees. Thanks to the SIS functionality, all family information syncs with the BigSIS portals once they enroll, so it’s automatically in your system and available to interact with tuition management, academics, or fundraising functions.  

BigSIS can also integrate with our advanced accounting solution, MIP Fund Accounting, or our advanced fundraising solution, GiveSmart.  

See it in action! Hear our K-12 Director of Solution Strategy, Sam Rosenfeld, take you through what you can do with this exciting integration in under 8 minutes. 

Would you prefer to talk to one of our experts and ask questions? We’re here to help. Schedule a free call with us to see if Ravenna and BigSIS fit your goals.   

Nina Bernardi

Nina Bernardi

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