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Introducing Ravenna TuitionPay

February 20, 2020 | read

When you’re welcoming new students and families into your school community, the first few interactions they have with the school can make a lasting impression. Creating a smooth and easy experience from inquiry through the first tuition payment can often set a family off on the right foot as they begin their journey through your school. That’s why, at Ravenna, we’re excited to announce the release of our new tuition solution so we can offer schools a complete enrollment suiteincluding admissionenrollment and nowtuition management! 

This new offering, Ravenna TuitionPay, will allow you to receive tuition payments faster and simplify the tuition management process, all while maintaining a direct relationship with families. The way it works is simple: families can pay their tuition onlineeither in full or through flexible payment planswith a branded design that pairs seamlessly with your school’s website.  

Like our other Ravenna offerings, Ravenna TuitionPay is built to be flexible and customizable to meet your unique needs. Your business office can customize the payment plans offered to families including number of installments, payment frequency, tuition amount, payment day and more! Families will have the option to pay with the method they choose, including ACH/electronic check, credit card and debit card, and then save that information for future use. We even offer customized options allowing you adopt TuitionPay at no cost and instead pass along fees to cardholders. 



Your business office will save hours of time with Ravenna TuitionPay’s automatic customizable notifications sent to parents to keep them informed of payments or account changes. Plus, real-time reports and easy export of data to your accounting or SIS makes reconciling payments across your campus easy. 

We’re able to offer this exciting new solution to our schools because Ravenna TuitionPay is powered by DiamondMind, the leading expert in payment solutions for independent schools. You can rest assured that your tuition solution is backed by a known and trusted partner with extensive history and payment expertise to ensure that your families’ tuition payments remain safe and secure.  

Brandon Stec

Brandon Stec

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