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We Celebrate Discover Catholic Schools Week

Nettie Reynolds

November 16, 2023

    We’re proud of the many Catholic schools we support. We wanted to highlight Discover Schools Catholic Week which is designated to help schools connect with prospective families, donors, educators and other community members.   

    Here are some great resources for Catholic schools and independent private schools and administrators to use for a successful week:  

    • Read the success story of Villa Academy and how using Ravenna enabled them to increase their relationships with applying families. 
    • Listen to our Webinar “Mid-Season Boost: 5 Marketing Tips for Enrollment” here. 
    • Download our helpful worksheet, Your School’s Acquisition Worksheet, to craft your marketing and acquisition strategies. 
    • Need some new ideas on how to market your school? Read our blog post.
    • To learn more about the benefits and differences our solutions can bring to your school, watch our nine-part on demand Lunch and Learn webinar series! 

    At Ravenna, our mission is to help our schools thrive and grow. We’re here for you and we look forward to more success for your school in 2024. If you’d like a demo of Ravenna, let’s chat

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