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Private and Independent School Data Reporting Systems

Data reporting is a powerful tool to examine the past, analyze the present and chart the future of your school. Ravenna ADMIT can help you import and analyze your school’s historical data and analyze and apply rich data to create custom workflows for admission processes. Our premier software solution is ideal for managing the admissions process at PS-12 private and independent schools.

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Take advantage of enhanced access to historical data and improved workflow with Ravenna’s data reporting software. 

Historical Data

Ravenna ADMIT can import your historical data from a legacy tool like a previous admissions system, a spreadsheet, or a combination of both, so you never lose your information. You can also categorize the data during the import by different types of applications or whether an application received a designation. You can view and search your historical data with year-over-year comparisons, and Ravenna ADMIT will also provide a receipt of your import validation.

Data can help your administrative team uncover key insights about the demographics of the families at your school and how they respond to marketing. The admissions funnel is changing as millennial parents become more selective and focus on researching potential schools before making a decision. Review data to determine what types of people entered your funnel and why, so you can repeat your successes and steer clear of your mistakes.


Ravenna ADMIT transforms the data schools enter into virtually limitless possibilities for automated workflows. Schools can flag individual applications and assign them to specific categories and use custom segmentation tags that cater to these groups. It’s also possible to segment the groups in any way you choose, from hobbies to region, grade point average, and sports interests. Schools can also create drip email campaigns that target families at different parts of the admission funnel.

Automation has the power to simplify the application process, target new demographics, and save employees from countless hours of time-consuming data entry work.

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Ready to see the Ravenna difference for yourself? Ravenna ADMIT can seamlessly import and manage your legacy admissions data reporting and integrate your data into new automated workflows. 

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“I cannot imagine what life would be like without Ravenna and its automated tools, CRM capacity and excellent customer support team.”

— Angela Dugan, Director of Admission & Enrollment Services, Villa Academy, Seattle, WA