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BigSIS Makes a Move: Joining the Ravenna Suite as Ravenna Student Management™!

February 28, 2024 | read

As your school expands and achieves new milestones, we’re committed to providing solutions that help your operations run even smoother and be more seamlessly connected. That’s why we’re excited to announce that BigSIS, a trusted student information system (SIS), enrollment and tuition management, and fundraising platform, is joining the Ravenna Suite and has a new name! 

BigSIS will now be known as Ravenna Student Management™ within the Ravenna Suite. Ravenna Student Management facilitates effortless access to crucial data. Whether it’s tracking student progress, managing enrollment, or flexibility in scheduling, everything becomes more streamlined and readily available. No more scrambling through mountains of paperwork or fielding endless calls – Ravenna Student Management puts the power of information at your administrative staff’s fingertips. 

For K-12 private and independent school teachers, a strong student information solution becomes a trusted companion in the classroom. Imagine grading seamlessly, recording attendance with a tap, and sharing assignments with families instantly. Teachers are empowered to focus on what matters most, nurturing young minds and fostering clear communication with families.  

Schools benefit from fostering a close-knit and informed community. By providing real-time access to students’ progress, event calendars, and school updates through accessible platforms, families feel connected and engaged. This, in turn, benefits schools by supporting involvement and collaboration within the school community.    

Here are some highlights of Ravenna Student Management’s capabilities for schools:  

  • Personalized dashboards with instant access to everything important, from grades and progress reports to event calendars and announcements.  
  • Effortless communication with teachers and administrators through built-in messaging tools.  
  • Flexible tuition options that make quality education accessible to all families.  
  • Data-driven insights empower schools to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and achieve new heights.  

Ravenna Student Management connects your school community – staff, families, and students. It’s not just software, it’s a powerful partnership for thriving schools. At Community Brands, we’re committed to your success. Our K-12 School Solutions Team is here to help your school’s growth initiatives and to serve all your student lifecycle needs.  

See how you can simplify your school operations with Ravenna Student Management. Request a personalized demo today!  

Nettie Reynolds

Nettie Reynolds

Sr. Content Strategist

Nettie Reynolds serves as Sr. Content Strategist for Education Solutions by Community Brands. Prior to joining Community Brands, Nettie was the Director of Development for Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in New Braunfels, TX. She is a committed parent and supporter of private schools.

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