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Elevating Your Recruiting and Relationship Management #6: Engagement Tracking

October 2, 2017 | read
Engagement tracking

This is the final post in our six-part blog series, Elevating Your Recruiting and Relationship Management. This series will highlight six specific functionalities available with the newest level of our best-in-class admissions solution, Ravenna ADMIT Premium. Follow along to learn how Premium can help you increase the top of your admission funnel, communicate more strategically, get better insight into an applicant’s engagement and make more strategic, better-informed decisions.


Have you ever wished that you had a way to measure just how interested an applicant is in your school?

With ADMIT Premium’s engagement tracking capabilities you have the ability to see:

  • A timeline of each applicant’s interaction with your admission process
  • How effective your email messaging is
  • How engaged an applicant truly is with your school

Engagement tracking will allow you to make better informed decisions than ever before by providing you with a qualitative method to track an applicant’s interest. Within each applicant’s profile, Premium will provide you with a new tab called “Engagement” where you can see both a summary and a detailed timeline of each applicant’s interaction with your school and your application process.

Example profile of Hannah Becker

With a quick look, you can easily view the open rates of all the emails you’ve sent to an applicant as well as a summary of the events an applicant has registered for and attended. Or you can drill down into an applicant’s timeline to see exactly when an applicant called or met with someone from your office, attended an event, read an email, logged in to HUB to view or update their application and even when they converted from one status to another. For example, engagement tracking allows you to see when, among phone calls, emails and events, an applicant converted from an inquiry to starting their application. You can even filter the timeline to view only the activity you’re interested in seeing.

Engagement tracking isn’t designed to be used only during decision time, however. You can use the data found here throughout your admission season to determine which applicants you should be reaching out to to encourage engagement. You can even gain insight into which method of communication is the most effective, both for an individual applicant and across your applicant pool. With ADMIT Premium you can improve and refine your recruitment efforts to attract and keep engaged the most mission-appropriate applicants.

Brandon Stec

Brandon Stec

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