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Gearing up for Back to School? Use These 3 Tips to Prepare as an Administrator

August 1, 2023 | read

As the summer days draw to a close, the hallways of schools begin to stir with the excitement of a new academic year. For school administrators, the back-to-school season is critical to set the stage for a successful school year. From optimizing technology to ensuring effective communication, administrators play a pivotal role in preparing the school for the arrival of eager students and dedicated educators. In this blog post, we’ll explore three steps administrators can take for a smooth start to the new school year. 

Benefits of Back-to-School Preparation 

Back-to-school preparation benefits administrators by allowing them to streamline operations and be proactive about outreach and resources. Here’s a closer look at each key benefit:  

  • Optimizes School Operations: Adequate back-to-school preparation allows administrators to confirm that all necessary resources, materials, and infrastructure are in place before the academic year begins. This results in a more organized and efficient start to the school year, reducing potential disruptions and challenges. 
  • Improves Family Engagement: Administrators can use back-to-school events and communication channels to engage families from the outset. This fosters a positive relationship between the school and families, enhancing cooperation and support throughout the year. 
  • Ensures Appropriate Budget and Resource Planning: Adequate preparation allows administrators to assess the school’s financial needs and allocate resources effectively. This safeguards the school to operate within its budget and optimize available funds. 

1. Conduct a Technology Assessment  

Technology has become an integral part of returning to school. A technology assessment enables schools to identify potential vulnerabilities and verify that technology is updated, secure, and efficient.  

Here are a few items your school may complete as part of a technology assessment: 

  • Check that data security measures are functioning properly  
  • Communicate the most current data security best practices  
  • Install software updates 
  • Grant staff, family, and students appropriate technology access 
  • Review and clean up digital records 
  • Schedule technology training for staff  

2. Streamline the Admissions and Enrollment Process   

Administrators can simplify the admissions and enrollment process for new and returning students to ensure a smooth start to the school year. A well-organized admissions and enrollment process sets the tone for a positive experience. It allows staff to focus on building relationships with students and families to foster a strong sense of community.  

To properly prepare families for admissions and enrollment, you may consider the following: 

  • Provide application and enrollment instructions 
  • Communicate important deadlines early on  
  • Make admissions criteria clear and accessible  
  • Provide financial aid information 
  • Schedule informational sessions and open houses 

Administrators can set up automated workflows on the backend and connect their admissions software with other essential functions, such as financial aid software. They may also review last year’s admissions and enrollment data and create reporting dashboards to track the coming year’s numbers. 


3. Foster Community Engagement   

Strong community engagement is essential for the success of any private or independent school. As administrators, you should actively involve families, alums, and local businesses in supporting school initiatives and activities. Organize back-to-school events and open houses to connect with families and create a welcoming atmosphere.  

Creating an admissions marketing plan can also boost efforts to engage new and existing families. Collaborating with the community builds a support network, enriching the school environment and providing additional resources to encourage students and families to get involved. 


Get Ready for Back to School with Ravenna     

By taking these proactive steps, K-12 schools can set the stage for a successful and rewarding back-to-school experience for the entire school community. 

Ravenna offers premier admissions software for independent and private K-12 schools. Our solution provides a simplified admissions process for your staff and families, with automated responses and a centralized interface that enhances the family experience. 

Request a demo of Ravenna today, and discover how we can set you up for success this school year. 


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Berleen Hunjan

Berleen Hunjan

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