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The Power of Integration for Your School Software

Ravenna Team

February 1, 2022

    The Power of Integration for Your School Software

    In the modern era, technology in education is crucial, though it goes beyond common applications like online learning and other approaches used in the classroom. Today’s staff members can use school information systems and learning management systems to streamline an array of duties and processes in their day-to-day. As a result, schools can build a better schooling experience for staff and students alike.

    Benefits of Technology Integration and Transformation

    If your school is new to technology, you may be curious as to why digitization matters in the first place. As you consider the pros of school software, be aware of how integrating technology into your school’s processes can improve your institution. By using technology for administrative duties, staff can keep tabs on various processes with newfound precision and attentiveness.

    Understand the importance of digital transformation as it improves these areas:

    • Student data: Through technology, staff members can track various types of student data, including enrollment status, grades, attendance and extracurricular activities. This student data allows administrative staff to ensure all students are progressing through school properly. Any issues with student progress will be easy to spot thanks to the integrated system, and faculty can work with students and parents to continue growth.
    • Operations: A school can quickly streamline its operations with technology integration. This system creates several opportunities for automation and better organization. Further, schools can simplify the administrative red tape that comes with contracting and other situations, especially when they integrate with one company.
    • Teaching capabilities: When administrative staff has so much data at their fingertips, they can easily share it with teachers to ensure they have the information they need to support their students.

    The Importance of School Software Management

    That’s where school software comes in.

    With the benefits of a school management system, schools can do the following:

    • Leave paper behind: A significant benefit of school software is that it nearly eliminates the need for paper — storing paper files in filing cabinets becomes a thing of the past. Through a centralized school platform, staff can access every file they need in a single place. Your employees will enjoy less waste and less time spent searching for certain documents.
    • Boost communication and collaboration: When staff members can complete tasks in one place, it immediately becomes easier for them to work together. If one staff member spots an inconsistency in a certain data point, they can quickly bring it up to the right person. On the student-facing side, sending emails, newsletters and other points of communication is a breeze with the right software.
    • Make better use of resources: Because private and independent schools are privately funded, it’s essential for them to make the best use of their finances. A school management system helps staff optimize what’s available to them in terms of resources. Through the software, staff can track and analyze how different faculty and departments are using the school’s budget, ensuring they’re investing it in ways that benefit student growth.
    • Assist students: In many ways, the student experience becomes simpler thanks to software. A comprehensive school software allows students to easily submit enrollment applications, inquire about financial aid and complete other registration tasks.

    Why It Helps to Have Everything in One Place

    Many schools have separate methods for enrolling students, managing tuition, awarding financial aid and performing other necessary processes. In some cases, they may use both analog and digital systems or rely on analog systems alone. Unfortunately, a decentralized, offline system leads to more errors, creates inefficiencies, disrupts infrastructure stability and decreases student, parent and teacher satisfaction.

    When schools transition to software that allows staff to accomplish several processes at once, they solve the above issues. No longer do they have to dig through filing cabinets for last year’s report cards or click through endless computer files to locate a student’s college admissions essay. With software that tackles everything from admission to payments, staff members can take charge of workflows.

    What to Keep in Mind During Your Digital Transition

    The most important point to keep in mind during your school’s software integration is that results take time. In other words, it may be a while before staff members are completely confident in their ability to use the software. While prioritizing training from the beginning will help minimize errors, choosing the right software from the beginning is the best way to ensure your school benefits as much as possible from the change.

    A few secondary points to remember include setting up proper infrastructure, organizing file transitions and providing adequate staff support. Be sure that your staff has the resources they need to succeed from the start and they start the transition early. By preparing in more ways than one, you can work through the transition with ease.

    How Ravenna and Community Brands Can Help

    Ravenna’s software for private and independent PS-12 schools includes capabilities for admissionenrollmenttuitionfinancial aid and health screening. In just one software, staff can perform numerous administrative responsibilities. If they want to track prospective students or view financial aid applications, staff can do so through the Ravenna platform alone, negating the need for paper or digital files.

    Further, Ravenna’s parent company, Community Brands, offers many other software capabilities that school staff can use alongside Ravenna. For example, MobileCause is a comprehensive fundraising platform that makes it easy to receive, track and use donations for school events, like field trips or dances. MIP allows schools to succinctly track finances, ensuring they’re managing their resources properly and allocating their funds for the school’s success.

    By using software in conjunction, staff members can help build a more intuitive student experience as their day-to-day becomes simpler.

    Contact Ravenna Today to Begin Your School’s Transformation

    Ready to harness the power of integrating a school software system into your operations? Explore our website to discover the various applications for our software. If you’re ready to see the software for yourself, request a free demo today. The team at Ravenna looks forward to helping your school make its digital transition with school software integration.

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