Spring Cleaning and Prepping for the New School Year


Ravenna Team

June 17, 2022

    Many households take part in spring cleaning each year. Your school can also participate in this annual cleansing to support increased organization and efficiency for the year to come.

    What Is Spring Cleaning?

    Spring cleaning is an annual washing ritual many cultures practice. Because spring marks the start of warmer and longer days, people take advantage of the better weather to deep clean their homes or businesses. Often, spring cleaning involves washing items or parts of the building that only need cleaning once a year, so this system helps ensure it remains on a regular schedule.

    Many use spring cleaning as an opportunity to organize. They might go through files or items and get rid of things they have no use for or no longer need to hold onto. Your school can use spring cleaning to clear the clutter from the current year and help you prepare for future programs and classes. When schools participate in annual washing, you can better serve your students and teachers with increased organization and preparedness.

    Schools can implement spring cleaning at any time. While many choose the spring months, this cleansing method requires a deeper wash that establishes a fresh start for the administrative staff and classrooms. Your school can participate in spring cleaning in the spring, or you can wait until the end of the academic year when students are off for break and teachers need to clear out classrooms.

    Benefits of Spring Cleaning

    Spring cleaning can offer several benefits to schools, helping students, teachers, and administration by:

    • Decreasing stress: Clutter and disorganization can cause stress. When you have an annual spring cleaning session, teachers can remove clutter and unnecessary items from their space, leaving only the essentials. Students will be less overwhelmed when they have access to only what they need.
    • Improving focus: Younger students can get distracted easily. Classrooms and learning spaces with a lot to look at can cause them to lose interest in their classwork. Teachers might have to dedicate time to organizing files or papers during the year, pulling their attention away from their students and lessons. Spring cleaning refreshes school spaces so everyone can focus on helping students learn.
    • Promoting healthier environments: Dirt and grime build up over a year. Spring cleaning can involve sanitizing surfaces, dusting shelves and cabinets, washing windows, and rinsing carpets. Deeper cleaning can help remove allergens, dirt, dust, and food debris from school spaces, decreasing the spread and growth of germs, mold, and bugs.

    Increased organization and cleanliness during the schoolyear can ensure better services to students and parents, boosting their experience with your teachers and staff.

    Uses for Spring Cleaning in Schools

    Spring cleaning offers many applications for K-12 schools. When your school serves many students and has multiple functions, spring cleaning can help you get ready for all of them. Knowing the different applications spring cleaning has for your school can help determine whether this system might benefit you.

    1. Get Yourself Ready for the Summer

    Many schools offer summer programs for their students and surrounding communities. Whether you are hosting an athletic camp in your sports facilities or academic programs in classrooms, spring cleaning can help you prepare all aspects of your school.

    Spring cleaning can apply to all spaces in your building and serve as a deep refresh for amenities. for example, if you are running sports programs over the summer, you can:

    • Pump up basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs.
    • Repaint lines on all your courts.
    • Assess equipment, like lacrosse sticks, soccer goals, and basketball nets, for quality.
    • Wash and sort jerseys.

    When students arrive at camp, everything will be ready for them. If an external organization is running the program but hosting it at your school, spring cleaning ensures everything is where it needs to be. While your washing schedule might focus on the camp timelines, you will also have school spaces ready for the upcoming school year.

    2. Prepare for the Next Admission Season

    Admission season can be a hectic time for your administrative teams. With many applications for teams to review, organization is imperative. You need a clear system to sort applications and accompanying files to streamline the process and send information to accepted students.

    Your administrative teams can help prevent clutter and improve efficiency through spring cleaning. Before the admissions process begins, spring cleaning can help deep clean administrative offices and files and supply storage to eliminate information no longer needed. You will have more space for files and supplies for the upcoming admission season and applications.

    This kind of organization can help highlight spaces where you might need a new system. Spring cleaning lets you set apart time dedicated solely to building new organizational and administrative procedures. Applying what did and didn’t work from previous admission seasons, you can implement new strategies to maintain organization and efficiency throughout the process.

    3. Clean From the Current School Year

    Clutter, materials, and supplies pile up during the school year. Whether unclaimed items from the Lost and Found or past test paperwork, teachers across departments will have classrooms full of things from that school year. Spring cleaning can provide teachers and other staff with clear spaces to prepare for the upcoming months.

    Many teachers decorate their classrooms a specific way each year, while others like to switch themes frequently. Because spring cleaning focuses on washing everything in one go, teachers can give attention to parts of their classroom they might overlook during the academic year. They can take down old decorations and replace them with new ones sure to impress incoming students.

    If your school is reorganizing your teachers or layout, spring cleaning can help those who are moving classrooms. While many teachers have specific organizational systems, moving classrooms gives them a chance to go through all existing items and determine what they can move and what can go in the trash.

    Overall, spring cleaning can help your teachers become more prepared for the upcoming school year and students. They will start the academic year ready to provide their best to your students with a classroom that can support their teaching style and needs.

    Boost Admissions and Enrollment Organization With Ravenna

    Spring cleaning can help schools improve organization and efficiency for essential processes. Investing in the right tools during spring cleaning can help you further support your upcoming admissions season and academic year.

    Ravenna offers quality software solutions for private K-12 schools. We dedicate ourselves to developing solutions that boost your data visibility and workflow. With the Ravenna software solution, you can move processes online, reducing the need for paper files and manual processes that require hefty cleansing each year.

    Our admissions solution can help provide a streamlined admissions process for your faculty and families, with automated responses and tasks that handle administrative responsibilities and a centralized interface for families to navigate easily. Ravenna’s enrollment software helps onboard students seamlessly with data integration and online tuition payments.

    Request a demo of Ravenna solutions today, and discover how we can help you organize your school.

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